Commentary on the purpose of this website.

February 11, 2018.

This website is dedicated to sharing information about information I have learned from my new found love of reading books. Up until 2 years ago I could barely have read only what was needed to get by in elementary school and through college. I enjoy reading so much, I listen to audiobooks in my car while driving to work and fall asleep with a book by my side. I feel a strong desire to share the wealth of information I pick up along the way and making new connection amount different sources of information that pave the way for new expressions of the knowledge and insight gained.

The readings focused on are towards the growth and evolution of human consciousness. This site will discuss topics regarding the deep phiosophy of Eastern Yoga from Swamis, research from scientists on molecular intelligence, insights into body consciousness and other related topics such as ancient astrology and alchemy. The goal is to make practical use of this information and find new ways of integrating it into our everyday lives.

It is my hope that the discussions on this site will spur new ideas and challenge ourselves to live out the best, after all we are stuck on this planet till our time comes and we might as well make ourselves just a little better each and every day.

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