The Principal of Rhythm in Reading and Writing

February 19th, 2018

The hermetic principal on rhythm can be applied to so many aspects of life ad-infinatium. This principal can be overlooked in many of the mundane tasks that we go about doing day to day. Not recognizing this principal can lead aspects of ourself to find expression in unproductive ways that are not conducive to living at our highest potential. The principal of rhythm moves like a pendulum which can have innumerable lengths in its period. Some examples are waking and sleep, the in breath to the out breath, the ocean tides, day and night, etc etc. The principal of rhythm is not only limited to nature but acts out in our mental patterns and day to day work/leisure/play habits. In order to see this pattern it is necessary to understand the difference between the objective mind and the subjective mind which can be read in books by Carl Jung or other books on transcendental or transpersonal psychology. But for the purposes of this article and not to get into a long winded discussion; The objective mind is the part of our psyche that can observe itself, in yoga it is when we come back to our breath and realize the “I Am”-ness of ourself. The subjective mind is the state of our consciousness when we are going about our day to day things attracted and guided by our senses and all the things our mind unconsciously becomes subjected to. I will be writing an article more about this in the days to come.

The rhythmic pattern I want to talk about in this article is reading and writing. When reading our mind absorbs many new ideas, thoughts and ideas. We don’t often attribute this as part of a rhythm however consider this. Where does the information we amass go? Does it find a useful expression? According to hermetic philosophy there is a law of use, one cannot hoard information to the self without consequence. Considering that according to hermeticism every thing has polarity as well and we should ask ourself, what is the opposite of the inflow of information. It is the outflow of information, it is the expressions that we have as a result of the inflow of information and this outflow of information needs to find a constructive use, else we will bottle things up inside or bother our loved ones with things they care not for even if our intentions are for the best.

Some of the outlets for creative expression are applying what has been absorbed as new information in your own creative twist. There are no two perspectives that are exactly alike, your expression is a gift to all of humanity. I will end this article on the note that the expression of a flower does no good if the flower stays bottled up in its bud.

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